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Located in the heart of the Bocage Vendéen, 10 km from Puy du Fou, the Domaine de La Boulaie invites you for an exotic stay between nature and history.

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As soon as you enter the Estate, the magic happens. Your senses are awakened: the smell of fir trees, the song of the waterfall, the pond as far as the eye can see ... Let yourself be seduced by this lush nature, spread over nearly 30 hectares of park .

A view of the conflagrations

from Puy du Fou

The site dominates the Sèvre valley and reveals its landscapes.

On summer evenings, it is even possible to admire the conflagration of the night shows at Puy du Fou, located only a stone's throw from the Domaine.

A site at the heart

Of the history

Former vassal lordship of the Puy du Fou family in the 14th century, the castle then changed hands several times before experiencing a significant episode during the Vendée War: that of the oath of Boulaye, lent by Generals Stofflet, Marigny, Sapinaud and especially Charette.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

This event earned the domain its referencing in a departmental course "Sur les pas de Charette".

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